junior doctors

Doctors desperately need more time to care for their patients and we can’t reasonably expect them to work indefinitely under conditions of extreme stress compounded by technological inefficiency.
Health secretary said it was 'impossible' to ask staff to work any harder.
Jeremy Hunt has admitted junior doctors who walked out on strike last year in a dispute over their contracts “had a point
Ignoring this staffing crisis creates to a vicious circle, compound existing problems, adding to pressure on existing staff making them more likely to leave. On almost every front, the NHS is being asked to deliver more, with less. Less money, fewer staff, more patients. You don't need to be a genius to work out this isn't sustainable and that something has got to give.
The future of the NHS is on a knife edge. Cuts to hospital, community and mental health services, coupled with record patient
When we asked junior doctors what they found most challenging in dealing with patients in our survey, the results highlighted the sheer breadth of emotional, psychological and professional support they require.
At 26 retirement seems a long way off, and what awaits us? A time when we have worked hard all our lives only to reach an age when we are too old, unwell or broke to enjoy it. Millennials may decide to take a sabbatical earlier than expected and to live out those years while in their 20s and 30s...
For someone who has spent the last decade of my life preparing for this, I don't feel terribly ready - but I imagine that's how most people feel when they go on the wards for the first time. I also know there will be a bunch of very experienced, and as I have found out, very supportive and kind doctors who will be able to make sure I get it right. Being a doctor isn't about being a superhero - it's about working with a team of other incredible healthcare workers, from nurses to physiotherapists, doctors to receptionists, to help your patient.
When Theresa May called this election, she did so safe in the knowledge that she'd win. There was no viable opposition to fight - The S*n and the Mail said so. We, the people, were the pawns in a game called democracy, and letting us, the people, vote her in allowed us, the people, to believe we had some sway, some control, some respect, even, for our until now unelected leader. But.