People Caught On Camera Calling Mum 'Disgusting' For Breastfeeding In Public

Public opinion may have shifted to be more in favour of a woman's right to breastfeed in public, as proven by a recent social experiment that saw members of the pubic stand up for a mother who was verbally abused.

But sadly some mums do still receive negative comments when breastfeeding in public.

YouTuber Joey Salad went out with volunteer Emily and her hungry baby to film people's reactions when she started to feed near them. Watch the video above to see how they got on.

Emily was called 'disgusting' for breastfeeding in public

When Emily sits down to feed next to one man he asks incredulously: "You're going to do that here?" Before standing up and walking away.

When the mum tells one disgusted woman that breastfeeding is "natural", the woman replies: "You know what else is natural? Marijuana."

Thankfully not all the comments were negative. Watch the video above to see how Emily fared.

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