Lottery Jackpot 'Win' Turns To Utter Heartbreak For Grissini Restaurant Workers

This is the jubilant moment a group of restaurant employees jump for joy after believing they've won a major $900m (£622m) lotto win.

Staff at Grissini's in New Jersey can be seen hugging and cheering, as one employee reads out the 'winning' numbers.

Another quits his job amid the celebrations.

But their moment in the sun quickly turned to heartbreak, after they were told their numbers were for the wrong day.

Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia probably know how they feel.

To make matters worse, the numbers the group had matched were for the previous Wednesday, and if they had entered that they would have won $528m (£365m).

As no one won Saturday's draw, the jackpot has rolled over again and is now up to $1.5bn (£1.04bn), prompting long queues at lottery ticket stores.

The jackpot for the twice-weekly game started at $40 million on 4 November. No one has been able to match all six Powerball numbers since then, so the prize has continued growing.

In the UK lucky couple David and Carol Martin, won £33 million on the National Lottery last week. They said they intend to donate some of their winnings to UK flood victims.

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