NTAs 2016: Gloria Gaynor Kicks Off Show With 'I Will Survive' Performance, And It Is Extremely Camp

The NTAs Opening Number Was One Of The Campest Things We've Ever Seen

The opening number of the NTAs was, frankly, among the most ludicrous things we have ever seen.

The awards show kicked off with a pre-recorded skit featuring Bear Grylls and Dermot O’Leary in the jungle.


Bear opened the skit telling viewers: “My job is to prepare one man for the toughest, most grueling task of his life… hosting the 21st NTAs.”

Dermot O'Leary, inappropriately dressed for the great outdoors

As it carried on, Dermot was seen being put through his paces, climbing trees, drinking “urine”... and phoning Aidan Turner’s Poldark to see if he could switch places and do the opening sketch with him instead.

He was then carried off by a rope dangling from a helicopter, before we were taken live to London’s O2 Arena, where Dermot descended from the ceiling to introduce Gloria Gaynor, who performed her signature tune, ‘I Will Survive’, which the TV presenter described as “the ultimate survival song”.

Gloria Gaynor opens up the NTAs for reasons we're still not sure of

Half-way through the number, she was joined by ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ soul singers Revelation Avenue, who turned the song into a mash-up with Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’.

While dancers threw themselves into an energetic routine, and a disco ball backdrop twinkled behind the performers, we thought it couldn’t get any more camp.

And then, it did.


Gloria briefly broke off to tell all of us, “NTAs, and all of you watching. If there’s anyone in your life who’s tried to stop you from surviving, you tell them I said…”

She then launched into the song’s famous chorus: “Go on now go, walk out the door, just turn around now…”

And you know the rest. What. A. Spectacle.

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