Katie Hopkins Backs Donald Trump's Muslim Ban And Joins The Sarah Palin Club

Katie Hopkins Has Out-Trumped Trump With Her Latest Muslim Immigration Comments

Less than 24 hours later our very own UK version of the former Republican VP candidate performed a similarly unfathomable feat by appearing to endorse a world-wide travel ban on Muslims.

In an interview with LBC, Katie Hopkins backed Trump's hugely controversial plan to put Muslim immigration on hold in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting last December.

Katie Hopkins Backs Donald Trump's Proposed Ban On Muslims

WATCH: Nick Ferrari left bemused as Katie Hopkins backs Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims

Posted by LBC on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hopkins said: "All we can do here in the UK - and we should hang our heads in shame - is spend three hours in the House of Commons debating if we should ban Trump.

"I think it's us that need to look at ourselves and question 'where is the UK going?' and not 'where is Trump going?'"

Ferrari described the proposal as "farcical" before adding: "That was a pretty unworked idea."

Hopkins replied: "Well it was a temporary ban in the light of 16 people being gunned down and I think in a vacuum of anybody doing anything and Obama finally wiggling out two days later to say 'Ooh, Muslims a re quite good at sports', I think they needed someone to stand there and be bold and that's what Donald did."

A grimacing Ferrari then asked out right if Hopkins agreed with the Muslim ban policy.

Hopkins replied: "I don't think it would hurt for everybody to have a temporary ban while we work out what the hell is going on giving that we have people blowing themselves up in suicide jackets."

The comment prompts the clearly-exasperated host to laugh and put his head in his hands.

He said: "It's unworkable. I'm as right-wing as the next Thatcherite but it couldn't possibly work."

In fairness, Hopkins came across far more eloquently than Palin, who generally sounded something like this..

And this...

Oh dear.


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