LBC Radio Caller Embroiled In Debate With Petrie Hoskin Over Polygamous Marriage

LBC presenter Petrie Hoskin found herself in a fiery debate with a caller on Sunday who was trying to justify polygamous marriage.

'Abdul' phoned the radio show to share his views on the topic but his choice of words did little to help his cause.

He said: "Instead of divorcing the woman and letting her get on with her life, you continue to maintain the woman but also you know, you're maybe able to continue to have children with another woman so there's another option for the man to continue maintenance."

A visibly-riled Hoskins interrupted to say his comments were causing her to "bite my bottom lip to not to be rude".

Petrie Tears Apart A Sexist Caller

'Calm down dear' Sexist caller gets torn apart by Petrie as he tries to justify polygamy.

Posted by LBC on Sunday, January 24, 2016

She added: "What century are you living in?

"You use words like 'you can maintain a woman'.."

Abdul then stepped it up a notch: "Calm down dear. Let me explain to you in a very calm way and don't lose your nerves."

Hokins was having none of it. She said: "I would never lose my nerves Abdul, you want to try and take on a woman.


"Can I just say one more thing, please don't be patronising because that will get my back up quicker than anything else you can ever imagine. Let's have a conversation where you're not saying 'calm down dear'."

Abdul then used the Quran in an attempt to justify his views suggesting polygamy can actually prevent adultery.

He ended with a question: "If my wife could no longer have children, would you rather that I cut ties with her and go off with another woman? What would you do?"

Hoskins replied: "No, I'd rather you behave like a grown-up man and didn't treat a woman like a baby factory."

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