The "books" are everyday people willing to answer tough questions.
Turns out it's a rather complex cultural dynamic.
More women than you'd think are keen on sharing the love, reveals the founder of polygamy.com and secondwife.com.
It is "more honourable" this way, says founder.
Women have since bombarded Musa Mseleku's Facebook inbox with messages.
What do you think about a man having more than one wife? Polygamy is a controversial subject and the idea of a plural marriage
We often hear natural male polygamy and female monogamy being referred to in the context of scientific fact. This myth, which has no biological foundation at all, was thought up by men back in the day of patriarchy and continues to be supported by men for obvious reasons.
LBC presenter Petrie Hoskin found herself in a fiery debate with a caller on Sunday who was trying to justify polygamous