Daily Mail Front Page Asks 'Who Will Speak For England'... And All Of England Answers

On Thursday morning the Daily Mail ran an editorial on its front page asking one simple question.

Although unsurprisingly not in Scotland.

The paper launched a searing attack on David Cameron'sattempts to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU ahead of the crucial referendum on whether or not was should stay in or leave.

The quote references Conservative backbencher, Leo Amery, who in 1939 was so incensed when Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain indicated in the House of Commons that he would not declare war on Germany after they invaded Poland that he stood up and shouted: "Speak for England!"

Needless to say the language used was slightly more colourful than is usually seen gracing the front page of one of the country's most read newspapers.

1) "Today the Mail asks a question of profound significance to our destiny as a sovereign nation and the fate of our children and grandchildren."

These two will always be a favourite of the kids:

2) "It's a question inspired by one of the most dramatic moments in the history of Parliamentary democracy. The date was September 2, 1939, the day after Hitler invaded Poland."

3) "On his backbenches, anti-appeasement stalwart Leo Amery was incensed. As Labour's deputy leader Arthur Greenwood rose to reply for the Opposition, the Tory MP bellowed across the floor: 'Speak for England!' Bowing to the mood of the House, Chamberlain declared war on Hitler the next day."

4) "Nobody is suggesting there are any parallels whatever between the Nazis and the EU."

5) "Or will our liberty, security and prosperity be better assured by submitting to a statist, unelected bureaucracy in Brussels, accepting the will of unaccountable judges and linking our destiny with that of a sclerotic Europe that tries to achieve the impossible by uniting countries as diverse as Germany and Greece?"


6) "For months, we have been bombarded with propaganda from one side."

7) "Needless to say, their apocalyptic interventions have been zealously reported by the supposedly neutral BBC, that former champion of the disastrous euro, which struggles to conceal its contempt for the 'out' camp."

8) "So we ask again: who will speak for England (and, of course, by 'England', like Amery in 1939, we mean the whole of the United Kingdom)?"

9) "Not the leader of the Opposition, certainly."

10) "True, the London mayor — never known for his courage — is happy to play flirtatious footsie with the 'out' campaign. But what's the betting that at the first whiff of a plum Cabinet job, Boris will do the PM's bidding, keep his doubts to himself — and possibly even sign up to the 'remain' campaign?"

11) "Voters deserve better than this. They are crying out for an informed and lively debate on the crucial issues. Instead, they're being treated to a one-sided, stage-managed charade of scaremongering, spin... and censorship."

12) "As for figureheads, yes, there is the magnificent Lord Lawson. But he is 83. And yes, the other great Eurosceptic Nigel, Mr Farage, is a charismatic tub-thumper, who deserves credit for the fact that we're having a referendum at all. But he is also divisive, and is seen by many as a clown."

13) "Whatever the truth, the frankly pathetic level of the debate so far is a grotesque offence against British democracy."

And here's the best of the rest...

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