05/02/2016 12:32 GMT | Updated 07/02/2016 09:59 GMT

Donald Trump Impression Brilliantly Delivered By 85-Year-Old Peer Shirley Williams

Neil Munns/PA Archive
Liberal Democrat Baroness Williams speaking at a Westminster news conference where she spearheaded an appeal by her party to women voters throughout the country.

Shirley Williams, one of the House of Lords' longest serving peers, has delivered an impression of Donald Trump - and she pretty much nailed it.

The Liberal Democrat, who is soon to retire from parliament, bemoaned that because of the number of Lords trying to speak in any given debate members can only offer speeches up to four minutes long.

"I'm sure lots of people can make brilliant speeches in four minutes, but I don't think I can because it's just such a short time," she told the BBC's 'PM' programme.

"What it'd be like, if you tried to do it, it'd be like being Donald Trump."

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It was then that the 85-year-old former SDP president delivered what can only be described as an astonishing performance of Republican-frontrunner Trump's style of address.

"You'd just get up and say: 'Oh it's so bloody awful', and then you'd sit down again and you wouldn't add much to explaining why it was bloody awful you just said it loudly.

After her short but sweet acting debut, Baroness Williams was asked to repeat the impression.

None of it made sense - meaning she aced it.

"I, I, guys, I think it sounds terrible - *mumble, mumble* - anywhere near."

Reflecting on how Trump-style delivery would work in the Lords, she said: "I don't want to be like that, I want to be rational in my arguments, not just say how awful or good something is."