'The Most British Road Rage' Incident Ever Is The Complete Opposite Of Ronnie Pickering's Viral Rant

Irate Yorkshireman Ronnie Pickering might want to take this video as a good lesson in British road rage etiquette.

When the man who became an internet sensation was caught in a confrontation with a moped driver on Hull's roads, he reacted by shouting his own name in a repeatedly aggressive manner.

But when a man and a woman had a stand-off in Herefordshire, things were very polite indeed.

The woman just didn't think there was enough room

The pair were arguing over passing each other on a particularly narrow road.

"There's plenty of room" says Mark Coates, refusing to reverse backwards, recording the video while speaking to the woman through the window of his car.

To which the woman responds: "You shouldn't have come in should you? You saw me coming down, I watched you!" she says, continuing to politely plead her disapproval of the situation.

The couple continue to argue over whether there is actually space for two cars, and if Coates should have even turned onto the road in the first place.

After a good old British debate, getting nowhere, the woman walks back to her car assured that the problem has not been resolved.

"I've got just as much determination as you, I can assure you" she says as she marches towards her Volvo, with her head held high.

After her exodus, Coats says to the camera "That Ladies and Gentlemen is the British public these days".

The outcome of the situation is unknown.