Junior Doctors NHS Strike: Myths Busted In Powerfully Simple Animation

The Strikingly Simple Animation Busting Junior Doctors Strike Myths

This Wednesday, junior doctors across England will be going on strike. There's a lot of information (and misinformation) around, so I made the below animation as a bit of a Junior Doctors' Strike 101. It explains what's happening and why I'll be supporting them. If you think it could be of use to anyone you know, please share. #notfairnotsafe Inspired by Junior Doctors' Strike Information for Patients by Dr D Wade and Dr M Brooks.

Posted by James Rawson on Monday, February 8, 2016

An incredibly straightforward video highlighting some of the most common myths surrounding the junior doctors' strike has captivated millions in less than 24 hours.

Producer James Rawson worked with two medics to develop the animated slides, counteracting some common misperceptions. It's had an incredible 1.4m views since it was posted on Monday evening.

It comes as junior doctors strike for a second time on Wednesday, causing some 3,000 operations to be cancelled at hospitals across the UK.

Last-ditch talks between the government and the British Medical Association (BMA) failed to reach an agreement, prompting Wednesday's strike.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he wants to do the right thing for patients.

He said on Wednesday: "The job of health secretary is to do the right thing for patients.

"We’ve now had eight studies in the past five years that have shown mortality rates at weekends are higher than they should be.

“My job is to do something about that and I want to do it working together with doctors.

“We have now solved nearly every area of disagreement with the (British Medical Association), except pay rates at weekends.

“There is no need for this industrial action and we all want an NHS that offers the safest highest-quality care every day of the week."


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