junior doctors' strike

Health secretary said it was 'impossible' to ask staff to work any harder.
Jeremy Hunt has admitted junior doctors who walked out on strike last year in a dispute over their contracts “had a point
When the practical and economic feasibility of a routine 7-day NHS has been roundly debunked by senior doctors, service providers and analyists, it is only natural to ask how this is going to happen. Maybe, we ought to be thinking a little more naturally ourselves, and prepare for our complementary secretary of state for health to give us a very complementary 7-day routine NHS.
The BMA has called off next week's junior doctors' strike, citing patient safety concerns. This may prove to be a prudent move, as new YouGov data reveals that the public increasingly believes that junior doctors are wrong to go on strike.
You're probably reading this because you had a knee-jerk reaction to the title, considering the recent media press surrounding the planned 5 day walk out over junior doctor contract imposition and a heavily publicised nationwide shortage of doctors.
Read more on The Huffington Post Junior doctors are vowing to continue with their next wave of unprecedented walkouts from
Junior doctors plan to stage stop work action next month despite suspending the first wave of strikes which were due to commence
'These young, middle-class militants need lessons in democracy and humility.'