110-Year Old Flossie Dickey Gives Fox Spokane Reporter Silent Treatment

110-Year-Old Woman Gives Interviewer Ultimate Shade

A supercentenarian with a penchant for whisky refused to play ball with a television reporter, by throwing blistering shade on attempts to coax a conversation out of her.

Flossie Dickey, a 110-year-old from Spokane, Washington, refused to answer several of the journalist's questions about her life and times - preferring instead to nonchalantly sip coffee from a huge blue mug.

Local TV presenter Nichole Mischke desperately sought support from her fellow anchors back in the studio as the interview took an awkward turn. Watch video of the exchange, above.

Flossie Dickey threw ultimate shade on local reporter Nichlole Mischke

During one excruciating exchange, Flossie is asked about her upcoming 110th birthday party.

"Are you excited for your party," Mischke asks.

"Not one bit," came her reply.

Flossie did have some wise words to those asking for her secret to a long, healthy life however: "I don't fight it, I live it."

A carer at Flossie's care home did offer a few more details though. "She's a jokester, she tells jokes," they said.

"One of her favourite things is to sit with her family and have some whisky straight up."

It was also revealed that Flossie loves to snooze during the day. "I am tired," she said at the beginning of the interview.

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