Emmy Brunner


Emmy Brunner is a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Recovery Coach and Entrepreneur. She empowers women to lead bigger, bolder lives.
Emmy enables those fighting against themselves to find an inner peace that carries them through every life milestone. She teaches people how to be completely themselves; free to explore, to love and to fail.
Emmy is a qualified psychotherapist with more than 15 years’ experience in trauma and mental illness. She is the founder of the Recover Clinic, the UKs leading Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia Disorder outpatient service, and the only outpatient clinic in Europe that provides tailored treatment. Emmy’s unique approach focuses on the individual behind the illness, not just the physical symptoms.
Throughout her career, Emmy has discovered remarkable patterns in the ways women are conditioned to respond to trauma and life-challenges. She's devoted her life to sharing her learnings with sufferers and has created an approach to the treatment of mental illness that aims to empower individuals and help them strive for holistic balance.
Frustrated with the lack of appropriate treatment around the UK, Emmy has also created the most successful online recovery program for those unable to attend her clinics.

Eating Disorder Recovery Graduations

It is a warm September evening and I'm sat in our clinic lounge looking out at a sea of expectant faces. Some familiar, some new, many fearful, others hopeful and excited. We are at a graduation - An event that we hold in honour of each client as she reaches the end of her treatment.
09/10/2017 13:18 BST

Aren't We All Being Bullied?

We exist in a culture that thrives on and endorses a covert, widespread bullying. Marketing campaigns tell us on a daily basis that we are not good enough, smart enough, slim enough, fit enough or pretty enough, and that because of these deficiencies we are somehow not fully formed human beings.
14/03/2017 12:06 GMT

The Key to Battling Mental Illness

I have been working with sufferers of eating disorders and trauma for nearly 15 years and for me the issue of treating serious mental health conditions lies in addressing people's ability to consider emotional nurturing as a fundamental part of self-care.
29/02/2016 13:03 GMT

Eating Disorders: All You Need Is Love?

The voice of an eating disorder constantly reinforces a belief that you will never truly be content until you reach a certain weight or look a certain way but the truth is that happiness only comes from a self-love that grows from a certain acceptance of who you really are.
27/02/2015 10:58 GMT

Creating Your World

We are all able to choose to support ourselves, to be compassionate and loving toward ourselves. The way that we behave toward ourselves is the most important message that we are communicating to the rest of the world about what we expect from the people that we invite into our lives.
17/02/2015 15:37 GMT

Why We Need to Be Brave

I believe that all of us have an inner voice that tries to guide us through life. I believe that this voice wants the best for us and tries to steer us toward happiness, contentment and love. I think many people have a sense of this 'voice' but often refer to it simply as their 'gut instinct'.
07/07/2014 16:01 BST

Why Do We Become Therapists?

If having experienced trauma or acute vulnerability ourselves, are we prepared to accept and share that part of ourselves in the work that we do with our patients? It is my view that in order to offer people the best possible chance of recovery we have to offer them something more intimate than clinical expertise.
05/07/2013 10:37 BST