Abby Morgan

Story-teller, Life-Enthusiast Traveling the World

I'm Abby, not to be confused with Abbygail but just plain Abby. Originally from the UK but for most of the last decade LA and NYC have been home (with a few other US stops along the way). Professionally I'm a bit of a mutt, weaving in and out of tech and the entertainment industry, most recently at Vimeo but starting at William Morris Agency. At the core, I'm most attracted to story-building, story-telling and story-doing and understanding/inspiring people.

Characteristics include singing words to songs incorrectly, bad comedic timing and getting excited about pretty much anything.

For the next year I'm leaving my life in Brooklyn to explore what life is like outside of the bubble. To understand different cultures, passions, landscapes, ideas but most of all people. This is a tale of my adventure and hopefully inspirational discoveries along the way.

For a deeper look at our travels visit:

Twitter: @abbyclair
Instagram: @asenseofplaces

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