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Alan Boiston

TV Video Journalist and Commentator, Director of

The first experience of video gaming I can recall is being on holiday in the 1980’s playing an arcade machine and it literally blew my mind, racing in Sega’s Turbo cabinet to defending the galaxy on Atari’s Star Wars, powered by Vektor Grafix, This required a high level of concentration and dexterity to maximise that 10p credit, forcing players to improve their skills or fail in public fashion. These experiences were to outline my passions for films, games and motor sport in the years to come.

From playing my Amstrad CPC464 right through to the modern technology we see today, experience has developed and evolved as the years have gone by. From retail in selling games to reporting on them, to presenting a range of TV shows relating to the subject and now on ‘YouTube’.

Experience of over 18 years in the UK Games Industry and combining this with my motor sport passions I now run, a site focusing across the entire racing genre. From real motor racing to simulation and even Mario Kart, it’s all there and you can hear me ramble on the Team VVV ‘YouTube’ channel too.

30 years later and I’m enjoying racing games as much as ever, along with space experiences on the Oculus Rift and looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars films that are just around the corner, and I’ll share those thoughts and experiences on my exploits in my Huffington Post blogs.

Fanatec Take Racing Peripherals To New Levels of Excellence

Fanatec have long been established within the racing wheel market, and have built an enviable reputation for quality amongst serious sim racing fans. Their wheels over the past few years have pushed their competitors in producing ever more refined and realistic feeling products, yet keeping within a modest price range.
08/12/2016 14:47 GMT

Saying Farewell to a Decade Of Xbox 360

So looking back, it is with a certain sadness that the Xbox 360 ceases production today, not only the last great console launch but one that shook the industry and put Microsoft on near level pegging with Sony, what ever happened to J Allard and the crew?
21/04/2016 12:32 BST

Oculus Rift Too Expensive? You Get What You Pay For

New technology always creates a buzz, but the overwhelming online feedback has been one of dismay at the price. Yes, it costs roughly $100 more than expected, but of all the feedback, it's surprising to see how many hardcore gamers and journalists seem to be taken aback, with the internet now rife with complaints and moaning.
08/01/2016 15:01 GMT

Territory Studio; Putting 'The Special Effects' Into Video Games

Video game creation has long evolved from the one-man development that was once possible in the early 1980's. New complex hardware and ever expanding expectation from consumers has driven both growth and investment, not only expanding the core development team, but also utilising specialists resources around the globe.
26/11/2015 09:54 GMT

Getting Your Friends Into 'Game of Thrones'

<em>Game of Thrones</em> features lots of sex, violence and intrigue but it does all make for some essential elements and that works perfectly in any given drinking game, and <em>GoT</em> characters tend to drink, lots. So it's time to consider what quote and situations work best...
12/04/2015 23:20 BST

E3 2014 Show Conferences in a Nutshell

The enormity of expectation of the E3 Conferences never fails in producing a fever-pitched audience. The hype, the buzz of excitement that fills the air waiting for new multi-million dollar franchises to be revealed. That wave of excitement is renewed every year as we see new hardware or new developments pushing older hardware to previously unattainable levels of performance.
13/06/2014 12:52 BST

F1, The Pinnacle of Motorsport, Why Not the Pinnacle of Racing Games?

The reveal of the F1 2013 has seen a somewhat frosty reception with a wide range of negative comments abound across the internet, whether these were justified or not, it certainly gives an idea on the wider public opinion of the series which has developed over recent years.
22/07/2013 14:25 BST

GT Academy: Can You Compete and Is It Worth the Effort?

Last week the 2013 GT Academy launched in the UK on the PlayStation 3, the winner of which will gain a place in a real GT motor racing team and become a fully-fledged professional racing driver. It sounds straight forward but becoming the best is a lot tougher than many may think.
11/07/2013 13:50 BST