Ali Russell


I've always wanted to be a Mum but my body let me down and so in November 2015 my husband and I were approved as adopters.

6 emotionally charged months later Big Pig and Little Pig moved in.

Our lives were changed forever. I'm a nursery manager and I thought I knew so much.

The knowledge has definitely helped but yes ok like every parent told me, nothing prepares you for being a parent and we had actual training!!

First and foremost our children are a flipping inspiration. Their characters and resilience astound me daily. They can also drive me crazy in less than 5 seconds.

We have so many great days filled with laughter and fun, and we have days so randomly horrendous that I just want to crawl under my duvet and hide.

People often say they have lost themselves when they become a Mum. I can relate to that but I feel I have found myself as well.

Documenting our family life has helped so much. Writing has always been a passion of mine. Keeping diaries and writing poetry has got me through some really tough times.

So thanks for having a look. I hope I make you smile every once in a while. I hope you go and tell a friend who might be struggling to have a family naturally about our adoption success because it truly is the best decision we ever made.

Sad Eyes

Yesterday it seemed his mission to upset his sister. When I asked him why, he said she wasn't upset that they'd moved rooms and he was angry, he wanted her to be sad too! I think this is pretty advanced for a 5yo. Match that with early trauma, his little mind probably doesn't know what to do with itself.
10/08/2017 14:56 BST
What To Expect When You're Expecting

What To Expect When You're <strike>Expecting</strike> Adopting

In the last part of the adoption process, before we were officially matched, everything seemed to hang in the balance because nothing was official until the matching panel, where (very knowledgeable and kind) strangers would decided if we were the right match for the children we'd never met but had all ready fallen in love with.
11/04/2017 12:57 BST
10 Things I Realised When I Became a

10 Things I Realised When I Became a Parent

Before the children moved in, lots of parents we know told us that nothing prepares you for parenting. If I'm honest, I listened and nodded but felt slightly smug because I've worked with children for 10 years, so surely that would have prepared me.
27/03/2017 15:20 BST