Alistair Niederer

CEO for UK, Ireland and South Africa, Teleperformance

Alistair is the Chief Executive Officer of Teleperformance UK and South Africa responsible for ensuring that over 6,000 people are doing a great job for our clients.

Alistair is an innovative industry leader in Outsourcing and has a successful track record in running efficient growth businesses in Europe, Asia and Australasia - always making a significant contribution to the strategic direction of the organisation.

He possesses excellent management, relationship building and analytical skills that are used to exceed targets, improve operations and increase profitability. Leveraging his 25 years of business experience, he is a creative problem solver who can build and manage effective teams to meet challenging customer, team and business needs.

Will Millennial Customers Demand A Better Experience?

One of the key drivers of change in the way that customers expect service is that the millennial generation is becoming so dominant in society. These are the people born from 1980 up to the millennium who are now university age up to their mid-thirties.
21/04/2016 12:21 BST

What Customer Service Challenges Will 2014 Bring?

I have seen some great comments on Twitter and I'd like to use this article to give you a couple of my own ideas, hopefully so you can continue to comment with more - before Christmas I'll try compiling a list of predicted 2014 trends together that I can publish here.
10/12/2013 11:43 GMT

Omnichannel: The Retailers Strike Back

People still like to go shopping. They don't even buy all their groceries online, yet in theory most people would probably prefer to have their washing up liquid delivered rather than spending time personally fetching it from the supermarket.
14/08/2013 14:51 BST

Are Banks Making It Harder to Borrow Just as Payday Loans Get Easier?

The criticism is unfair because it always focuses on the APR. Companies like Wonga offer a very specific product, which is fast cash for a short period of time. The media uses the APR rate as a comparison, but APR doesn't work very well when loans are quoted over a short period of time.
02/08/2013 14:37 BST

Can You Improve Your Business Skills By Reading Macbeth?

Any manager today knows the problem. You want to keep improving your skills and learning more about sales, marketing, or management - all the things a modern manager needs - and the management book section is always heaving with new titles, but which ones are worth reading?
10/07/2013 17:39 BST

Will Augmented Reality Revolutionise Advertising?

Augmented reality is moving into advertising. Magazines with printed adverts can feature live animation if your phone is placed over the advert - with characters or information jumping off the page.
11/02/2013 12:24 GMT

Executive Decision: To Blog or Not to Blog?

Going it alone or using an established journal each have their benefits and if you can use both in a combined communication strategy then it's even better for your brand. Try emailing a few trade editors in your industry - they might just like your ideas!
27/11/2012 15:33 GMT

Even James Bond is Changing his Preferred Poison

Bond is famous for only ever drinking Martini - shaken not stirred - and yet in this film he only drinks beer. And not just any beer - Bond only drinks Heineken, because they sponsored the production of the movie.
25/10/2012 10:51 BST

Consumers Are The Driving Force

<a href="" target="_blank">In one of my recent blogs</a> I explored the increasing importance of the customer experience, particularly because customers are now also publishers - they can easily tell their friends how good or bad your service is at the push of a button.
16/08/2012 10:55 BST

Why Do I Use Twitter?

My colleagues often ask <a href="" target="_blank">why I use Twitter so often</a>. There is a belief amongst those who do not really use it that everyone is just broadcasting the details of their breakfast, or which train they are waiting for. This is a misconception.
20/06/2012 11:13 BST

Enjoy the Silence While You Can

There are two areas where British mobile phone customers are silenced, the London Underground 'tube' network and on planes. The London Underground has many tunnels that are far too deep for a signal at ground level to penetrate and though the Mayor of London wanted to try getting a signal on the network before the London Olympic games, this plan was found to be too ambitious.
18/06/2012 09:55 BST

The Best and Worst of Service on the British High Street

A few weeks ago, the <a href="" target="_blank">Consumer's Association</a> published their latest <a href="" target="_blank">survey on customer satisfaction in the British High Street</a>. Over 11,000 people were surveyed and asked specifically about their experience in shops in the previous six months.
18/06/2012 09:47 BST

What is the Retail Omni-Channel?

I saw an interesting news story this week in the <em>New York Times</em> on a retailer in the US that is refusing to stock the Amazon Kindle. The reason? Because customers are coming into stores, asking questions about the Kindle, getting expert advice from the in-store sales team, then walking away without purchasing and ordering online - usually direct from Amazon.
08/05/2012 12:17 BST

What Will Supermarket Shopping Be Like a Decade From Now?

Social media is not just about <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>. Of course, Twitter is where much of the online chatter about brands is taking place today so it is an enormously important network, but there is a difference between social media and social networking.
08/05/2012 11:53 BST