Amel Guettatfi


Born in San Francisco, Amel spent her adolescence traveling around North Africa and the Middle East finally settling in the UK to focus on her studies in Journalism and Media honing in on global affairs. She went on to make a documentary about Syrian refugees living in makeshift camps in Northern France, waiting to cross the English Channel. Amel currently lives in Washington DC where she is pursuing her Master's degree at Georgetown University.

Life as a Syrian Refugee in Calais, France

I recently spent a week in Calais on the Northern border of France filming Syrian refugees. The men there are mainly between the ages of 20 and 35. They left their home country in the hopes of finding a more stable life in Europe, most specifically, in Britain. This is an account of my first impressions.
09/06/2014 17:32 BST

Advertising You Can't Escape

Far from the simple good ol' days where advertising was limited to the 30 second time slots on television and radio as well as newspaper ads; the modern web of consumerism is more intricate and complex than it has ever been before.
25/07/2013 14:16 BST

Does Citizen Journalism Need to be Objective?

While citizen journalism has brought on a new wave of completely unadulterated content allowing for unheard voices to be heard, it has also highlighted the need for new ways to scrutinize incoming media.
31/05/2013 13:08 BST

Anti Rape Laws in India; How Effective Will They Be?

In order to reduce the striking rate of one rape case every twenty minutes in India, the penal code needs to be modified in order to accommodate different forms of non-consensual sex while ensuring that victim is not vilified.
30/04/2013 15:41 BST

Topless Jihad Day -- Xenophobic or Rightfully Provocative?

While a large proportion of women in Islam-dominated regions of the world are indeed restricted and even oppressed, their issues are indicative of a larger cultural paradigm that is masked under the veil of Islam. They are not caused by the religion itself, rather by biased patriarchal interpretations.
26/04/2013 16:18 BST