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Anders Lorenzen

Environmentalist, political activist, writer and blogger

Climate and energy writer and blogger. Founder of A greener life, a greener world, and Lorenzen Strategic Communications. Dane in London, pro-EU, and citizen of the world.

Does Theresa May Understand The Scale Of The Air Pollution Problem?

But for now, let's be clear about the urgency. London has serious air pollution problems, one of the worst in Europe. Action must be taken now. The government would be wise to back the Mayor of London's plans rather than fight them and extend it to other UK cities.
10/05/2017 12:01 BST

Can Technology Solve Climate Change?

<img alt="tech for good" src="" width="300" height="35" /> To name just a few, solar power whose efficiency increases year by year; and the technological advances in battery technology which, combined with technological advances in electric vehicles, have propelled them to such a level deemed unimaginable ten years ago
29/12/2016 15:54 GMT

Sadiq Khan, Don't Forget About London's Growing Sustainability Issues

Tomorrow (Thursday) Londoners will go to the polls and elect the UK's capital next mayor. And earlier this week I wrote about an encouraging new report, by the think tank Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR). The report outlined how London could establish itself as a global green city.
04/05/2016 09:28 BST

The Paris Agreement: Let's Get to Work

During the years I have been following the climate debate since the failed Copenhagen COP15 talks in 2009, I have never been more optimistic than I am today, the week after all the 195 UN countries finally came together to secure a global deal on climate change.
21/12/2015 12:49 GMT

New Political Party Offers a New Climate Economy in Denmark

In an almost unseasonably warm Sunday noon in February, nearly half a year ago, I made my way to an old London night club, which for the day had been transformed into what the organizers of Change: How? described as a political festival.
16/06/2015 11:49 BST

Why Labour Can Deliver on Climate Change

I would like Labour to do more on the environment, and I would like it to become one of their top priorities, and let's be fair, at this election, so far it hasn't. But for this to happen, I believe we need to challenge the party from within, which is why I joined. The more members of the Labour party who care and challenge green issues, the more likely it is that it will become a core Labour policy.
30/04/2015 12:19 BST

The Biggest Climate Movement the World Has Ever Seen Is Underway in America

The strength of the US climate movement is its diversity and it's more than just a group of left wing protesters, it's represented in many demographics, and all walks of life and it is precisely those ingredients that makes a movement grow and makes it matter. The good news is that it shows no signs of slowing down - quite the opposite in fact.
08/10/2014 14:20 BST

An Independent Scotland Would Be a Setback for Tackling Climate Change

Scotland has been cited as the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy, to harvest that potential to the full, Scotland will need to remain a part of the United Kingdom. Furthermore whether independent or not, the Scottish economy must transition itself further away from fossil fuels rather than developing closer bonds with a dirty energy system. I urge the Scots to vote no to Independence on Thursday.
17/09/2014 11:14 BST

A Year On: Reflections on 12 Months of Grieving for My Father

It's hard to imagine that a year has passed since my father passed away to cancer. It still feels like yesterday. I can still hear his voice and I can feel his warmth. But the reality is that it is now a whole full year since that fateful day.
28/08/2014 12:24 BST

EU Is Our Single Most Important Tool to Tackle Climate Change

When the EU election results were coming in on Sunday evening, one thing was very clear early on; extreme right wing parties gained huge ground across the union and in France, Denmark and the UK anti EU parties won the election outright.
28/05/2014 16:19 BST

For My Dad: In Awe of Spring

England is on the verge of breaking into full spring at the moment; some trees are in full bloom, some are only halfway through while others are only just starting to show signs of life. Seeing the resilience and beauty of nature is reassuring and feels somehow symbolic of how my dad is willing me and my family to move through our still overwhelming grief.
28/04/2014 12:54 BST