Andrew Doyle

Writer and stand-up comedian

Andrew is a playwright and stand-up comedian.

He recently appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in his fifth solo stand-up show Future Tense. He regularly writes with Tom Walker, creator of internet sensation Jonathan Pie. Their show Jonathan Pie: Live is currently touring the UK, and they recently collaborated on an online video responding to the US election result which had in excess of 115 million views.

Andrew's previous solo stand-up shows are Minimalism!, Zero Tolerance, Whatever it Takes, and Crash Course in Depravity. Minimalism! and Whatever It Takes both transferred to the Soho Theatre, London.

His plays include Borderland (national tour for 7:84, Scotland), Jimmy Murphy Makes Amends (BBC Radio 4) and The Second Mr Bailey (BBC Radio 4). He is currently working on a new play Reacher's Point which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2017.

He has worked on a number of musicals with Craig Adams, including adaptations of Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music (Rose Theatre, Kingston), Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio (Castle Theatre, Wellingborough), and Dodie Smith’s The Hundred and One Dalmatians (Castle Theatre, Wellingborough). Last year he adapted Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels for the Lyric Theatre, Belfast, in collaboration with platinum-selling singer/songwriter Duke Special. Andrew and Duke Special are currently working on an adaptation of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn for the Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

Andrew is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen's University, Belfast. He has written introductions for numerous new editions of Forrest Reid's novels, all available from Valancourt Books.

Jonathan Pie Said The Left Was Wrong, Not The Right Was Right

In any case, I consider it a small victory that so many Trump supporters are now sharing a video that refers to their hero as a "pussy-grabbing, wall-building, climate-change-denying, healthcare-abolishing, tax-dodging, shit-spewing demagogue". Surely that has to count for something.
25/11/2016 10:10 GMT

Charlie Hebdo and the Merits of Ignorance

I've always wanted to write about football. Up until now I've refrained from doing so on the grounds that I know absolutely nothing about it. I know that there are two teams who wear different colours, and that they have to get the ball into a big net, and that sometimes the TV coverage includes erotic slow-motion replays. But that's about the limit of my understanding.
18/01/2016 11:31 GMT

After Cecil Rhodes, Who Else Should Fall?

The revelation that a man from Britain's colonial era was a supporter of colonialism has sparked fury from students at Oxford University. "I just can't believe it," said one through his tears. "It's almost as though people from the past didn't have precisely the same values as us."
29/12/2015 23:28 GMT

Don't Make Tyson Fury a Free Speech Martyr

So don't worry about Tyson Fury. He's an unreconstructed moron whose opinions count for nothing. And if you think I'd say any of this to his face, you must be out of your mind.
11/12/2015 16:22 GMT

Ofcom Vs Ferne McCann: Let Battle Commence

Five hundred people have complained because Ferne McCann ate a live spider on <em>I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!</em> Speaking as a militant vegan and part-time arachnid rights activist, I do hope that Ofcom will put an end to this kind of barbarity. My thoughts and prayers are with the spider's family at this difficult time.
08/12/2015 10:38 GMT

Brooks Newmark Should Not Have Resigned

A quick scan through the Twittersphere reveals plenty of expressions of disgust about Newmark's behaviour, but relatively few about the questionable morality of what is effectively a sting operation. If the editors of the <em>Sunday Mirror</em> had any integrity, they would sack the journalist responsible. They don't, so they won't.
29/09/2014 00:43 BST

The Use of 'Gay' as a Derogatory Term Should Not Be Tolerated in Our Schools

The truth is that we all tacitly accept limitations on certain forms of verbal expression for the sake of social cohesion, and to pretend otherwise is disingenuous. Most of us, for instance, are happy to modify our language in the workplace, or when out in public, because we understand that there are broadly accepted standards for polite discourse that differ from private conversation. Why should a school be any different?
20/11/2013 12:44 GMT

Norman Tebbit's Assault on Queen Latifah Is a Step Too Far

The former MP for Chingford did not always feel this way. When Latifah signed with Tommy Boy Records in 1989, he was initially impressed. During a late lunch at Chequers, he was overheard to remark of Latifah's debut album All Hail the Queen: "That bitch is legit. Her flows are off the hook. Word is bond."
23/05/2013 14:27 BST

The Aggressive Homosexual Community Fights Back

A spokesperson for the aggressive homosexual community summarised the local disappointment: "This isn't the first time that the tories have attacked us like this. We didn't choose to be aggressive homosexuals. We were born that way. When I came out of the womb the first thing I did was wink at the handsome doctor and slap the midwife."
21/05/2013 17:40 BST

The London Vegan and Vegetarian Film Festival

In the wake of the horse meat scandal, more and more of us are turning to vegetables. To celebrate this sudden and unexpected shift in the cultural zeitgeist, the British Film Society is launching the first ever Vegan & Vegetarian Film Festival in our nation's capital.
09/04/2013 14:51 BST

The Man Behind Rocky Horror: An Interview with Richard O'Brien

He's the very definition of a cult figure, from his bizarre antics on Channel 4's <em>The Crystal Maze</em> to his inimitable performances in films as diverse as <em>Flash Gordon</em>, <em>Spiceworld</em>, and Derek Jarman's wonderfully anarchic <em>Jubilee</em>.
18/02/2013 15:25 GMT

Valentine's Day Recipe: Heart-Shaped Horse Pie

Thanks to our friends at <a href="" target="_hplink">Findus</a>, horsemeat is now more popular than ever. What better way to say "I love you" than to cook this delicious heart-shaped meaty treat for that special someone in your life?
13/02/2013 18:18 GMT

Faggots, Trolls and Azealia Banks

I doubt very much that Banks is a homophobe. She has worked with many gay artists and is bisexual herself. But the fact that sales of her music have risen sharply since her tweet to Perez Hilton probably suggests that she won't be admonishing the homophobic members of her fan base any time soon... We all know that freedom of speech is fundamental to any democratic society. If you want to say the word "faggot" you are free to do so, but you should also accept the consequences.
21/01/2013 18:20 GMT

Richard Dawkins and the Myth of the Angry Atheist

Religious positions would be better served if their proponents addressed the actual criticisms, rather than taking a defensive stance against the imagined disdain of those who disagree. Like Robert Frost's drunken cow, they bellow on a knoll against the sky.
27/12/2012 18:11 GMT

A Near-Death Experience At The Edinburgh Fringe

Like many of my distant ancestors I am spending this month performing in a cave. Such is the fate of the stand-up comic that for one month every year we revert to a Cro-Magnon existence.
09/08/2012 13:51 BST

Starbucks: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Starbucks cares about me. I know this because they've recently started asking my name when I order my coffee. Yes, there's something a little Kafkaesque about that sort of thing, but you can have fun with it. Try using a pseudonym that the barista is unlikely to be able to spell. This week I've plumped for "Beelzebub" and "Agamemnon".
02/08/2012 17:46 BST