Andrew Keith Walker

4 start-ups. 4 exits. Swapped London for the country & the rat race for writing.

Andrew Keith Walker is a freelance writer focused on the future of technology, culture, economics & politics. He's the author of alternative business handbook "Screwproof: Doing Deals that Won't F*ck-up" and the successful pop-psychology blog series Man Vs. Brain. After a career as a designer and coder in the '90s, he set up his own creative agency and three successful tech start-ups in the world of digital news, music and data privacy. He holds the dubious honour of doing the first ever interview with a British Prime Minister over twitter, has written features for The Independent, The Guardian, the BBC and numerous tech magazines, made appearances on radio and TV news, and spoken as the professional scruffy middle-aged geek at countless conferences about the effect of digital technology on society and the economy. After exiting the London tech scene, he now lives in the countryside and writes for a living.