Andy Snuggs

Managing Partner at customer engagement agency PSONA, part of Communisis

As Managing Partner at PSONA, Andy builds senior client relationships, helping to understand their business ambitions, find ways to maximise opportunities together and deliver solutions that overcome barriers.

Andy began his career at sales promotion agency PCG, part of Ogilvy & Mather, becoming their youngest Board Director at 27. He later moved to BHWG (now Proximity) where he worked with Mars, Homebase and Barclaycard. In 2001 he joined Geronimo and over the next 13 years built the company into a 50-strong direct marketing agency, becoming Managing Director in 2005.

Andy loves good company and people who smile a lot. He still plays football on Saturdays (although he's a little bit slower these days), and recently took singing lessons following complaints at home about his warbling. He doesn't like negative people, and doesn't get avocados.