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Bennett Arron

Comedian, Author, TV Presenter, Friend

Bennett Arron is and Award Winning Writer, Actor, Author, Identity Theft Speaker, BAFTA Shortlisted Director and Finalist at the European Disco Dancing Championship. Bennett has performed at all the major comedy clubs around the UK as well as entertaining audiences in Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, South Africa and Hong Kong. He also supported Ricky Gervais on some of his tour dates. Bennett wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed BBC Radio Show; BENNETT ARRON IS JEWELSH and 2 series of the BBC Radio Show; BENNETT ARRON WORRIES ABOUT… both of which were nominated for a Celtic Media Award. Bennett is currently playing the role of Morris in the Radio 4 Sitcom ALONE Bennett presented the Documentaries The Kosher Comedian for the BBC and How To Steal An Identity for Channel 4 – for which he was BAFTA shortlisted.

La La... Lazy

I don't get it. Seriously, I just don't get it. The incredible reviews for<em> La La Land</em> are staggering. What have they seen that I haven't? Oh, before I carry on I have to announce SPOILER ALERT for fear of ruining it for those who haven't seen it - or as I like to call them, the lucky ones.
17/01/2017 11:59 GMT

George Michael - All Its Sad Goodbyes

Of all the celebrity deaths this year, and there really has been an unprecedented amount, the passing of George Michael has upset me the most. I happened to mention this on Social Media - which is of course the way we now express our feelings - and I was greeted with "Well, he wasn't as talented as Prince" or "He was no Bowie"
30/12/2016 15:17 GMT

X Men Apocalypse - Not a Bright Idea to Make Superhero Films So Dark

In this film, characters can't decide if they are good or bad and by the end, no one cares. Apocalypse himself looks ridiculous, as if he has badly made his own cosplay outfit by using images of Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. And, this incredible mutant, learns English in the same way as Daryl Hannah did in Splash!
18/05/2016 13:31 BST

SPECTRE - The Ghosts Of Bonds Past

At one point, the villain tells Bond that the elaborate torture he is about to carry out will take away his memories. He then carries out the torture - with no effect. Yet this is never mentioned! That torture machine must have cost a fortune, I hope he kept the receipt.
28/10/2015 17:12 GMT

Lead On...

This year would be Shakespeare's 450th birthday. If he were still alive, his cake would be massive and doing the bumps would take two and a half hours.
05/09/2014 10:23 BST

We Would Publish Your Book - If You Were a Woman.

I asked some well known friends of mine if they would read it and give me their thoughts. Ricky Gervais said it it was; "funny from beginning to end" David Baddiel said it was; "Very funny" and Jimmy Carr said; "It's the perfect romantic comedy, I loved it". It has been suggested I use a female pseudonym to sell the book, or have a sex change - but I'm not going through that again.
09/07/2014 17:55 BST

My Jim Davidson Experience

So Jim Davidson has apparently won <em>Celebrity Big Brother</em> and the nation is split. There are those who believe he is a racist, misogynistic wife-beater who should never have been allowed back on TV, others who see him as a changed man who should be given another chance and some, probably the majority of the CBB audience, who just see him as a middle-aged comedian.
31/01/2014 13:27 GMT

Sitting on the Offence

I'm often asked if it's okay for a black/Jewish/Muslim comedian to make jokes about their race/religion or for a woman to talk about how bad her boyfriend is in bed bearing in mind that when men speak in a derogatory fashion about their wives or girlfriends it's considered sexist... The question is, have we become too sensitive? Are we already looking for offence when it doesn't actually exist?
14/06/2013 17:00 BST

Skyfall - A Review to a Kill

I left the cinema feeling cheated. This was meant to be a James Bond film. They could have replaced the long dialogue scenes with more action, they could have replaced the darkness with more elements of fun, they could have.... they could have....... they could have made it better.
28/10/2012 16:03 GMT

The Life And Dearth of a Comedian

With the increase of New Act Competitions and Stand-Up Comedy Courses, more and more people are entering the profession - most with a detailed business plan which wouldn't look out of place on Dragon's Den.
16/07/2012 17:18 BST


Audiences rarely believe I'm both Jewish and Welsh. They think I'm just doing it as a joke. Can you imagine, going on stage and just doing something as a joke? I am, of course, genuinely both Jewish and Welsh.
28/06/2012 21:55 BST

Why Men Hate Me - Because I am So Handsome

There has been a great deal of negative feedback to Samantha Brick's Daily Mail article Why Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful. I don't understand why. I completely empathise with Samantha's plight, for I too have the burden of incredible attractiveness to bear.
03/04/2012 16:15 BST