Candide Kirk

Founder of Novellic, The Book Club App. Product and game designer, focused on digital media and publishing

Candide is the founder of Novellic, a book club app and personalised, curated book store. Candide is also the co-founder of Quirkat, an independent multiplatform video game development studio with over 12 years of game design and production under her belt. With her experience in digital distribution, new platform discoverability, and self-publishing Candide is bringing best practices from the video game industry into the digital publishing world. She is working with publishers to discover new media and consumer channels, evolving digital business models that can be adapted to books, and how technology that has been developed for other industries can be made to work for the enhancement of the reader’s experience.
Candide has published articles on The Bookseller and Digital Book World, and was a finalist for the Digital Innovation Award at the 2015 London Book Fair.

Candide designed and lead the development of 15+ published & self-published games including the TIGA Games Industry Awards finalist Pro Foosball, published by Sony Computer Entertainment (PlayStation) and WordBlocked, a PlayStation Mobile launch title critically received and scoring 9.5/10 by reviewers.
Candide can be reached through her Twitter @candidequirk or through Novellic at
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