Caroline Sarah Keetch

Company Director, Professional Coach, Business-lover, Adoring Mother,Occasional Public Speaker & Rookie Writer

I am a Co-Director of Halsey Keetch, a specialist London-based Executive Search, Board Search & Leadership Consulting Firm, which was originally established by my late-father in 1988. I have always been passionate about business, and after I graduated I worked for a female entrepreneur to help launch and manage a luxury mail-order business, which gave me a desire and appetite to run my own business and make my own rules. In the City I am actively involved in the growing Diversity & Inclusion debate, and I enjoy speaking at industry events on a whole range of varied matters including leadership, the future of governance in financial services, women returning to work after a period of leave, and the changing face of success, to name but a few. I am also interested in exploring what 'success' really means in our society, the definition of which seems to be changing as technology and innovation impact the way in which people seek to work and live. Since becoming a mother - at lunchtime on Christmas Day in 2011(!) - I have become increasingly interested in the unique pressures affecting working mothers, the decisions women must make and the impact this has not only on the careers of women today, but on the broader personal experience of motherhood and family life. Recently I have also trained as a professional coach, a process which was unexpectedly valuable and fulfilling, and I work with women to support their own professional journeys, whether they are setting up their own businesses, changing roles, or returning to work after a period of leave. Here I will write and explore what it means to achieve balance, peace-of-mind and personal fulfillment in life, against the backdrop of business and family life, both of which often have other ideas!