Ceri Matthias

Researcher, writer, will-wielder and wanderer of the world

Ceri is a researcher by trade whose attempts to find answers to the big and small questions of life have led her on many a journey.

Ceri's focus is on self-awareness, the creative mindset, and how we apply these to living the lives we desire. She believes passionately in harnessing the power of new media for our benefit and empowerment, including for forging real human connections and making positive choices for a more mindful and fulfilling life.

You Are What You Like: How to Get a Healthy Facebook Newsfeed

Editing, like portion-control, can be a challenge, but 'cutting out' is really important to maintain a healthy Newsfeed. You may not spend money on Facebook but you are investing your time: Why waste that reading something of no benefit?
15/12/2014 05:42 GMT