Christopher T.S. Harvey

Founder of Executive Wellbeing Experts Harvey Sinclair

Harvey Sinclair’s vision is to really make a difference. "We want to change the city’s views of mental health. It shouldn’t be taboo to be depressed, but it doesn’t always have to be depression that is the call to action. We help our clients make a leap in understanding, and the strength of that knowledge is transformative and empowering. It makes for the kind of sustained shift in thinking and behaviour that not even the worst of life’s challenges can throw at you. We aim to take you from functional to exceptional!”

Christopher T.S. Harvey founder of Harvey Sinclair, knows what it means to hit rock bottom. Educated at St Andrews and Harvard Universities respectively, with a background in psychology and 10 years of international corporate leadership in some of the world’s largest, most reputable organisations, it might be hard to believe, but Christopher fully understands what it means to deal with failure, depression, stress and anxiety.

Born and raised in the Home Counties, Christopher’s parents’ divorce and several family deaths brought emotional upheaval at a young age. He married at 22, but the marriage was annulled 5 weeks later, which caused adversity to take its toll on Christopher’s mind. The best part of a decade battling OCD, body dysmorphia and depression saw Christopher sink to the darkest depths of unhappiness with his life.

Having seen a myriad of therapists, counsellors and doctors, Christopher had a strong interest in psychology and took to studying himself. It saw him mastering formalised coaching whilst also becoming a certified NLP Practitioner and CBT Therapist. Christopher has taken what he has learned and built the prototype process for what is today Harvey Sinclair’s USP – providing more than just executive coaching, a holistic approach that takes into consideration the whole person, in order for them to achieve optimum levels of fulfilment and productivity in all areas of life and employment.

For over a decade Harvey accumulated global corporate experience in the Oil and Gas industry of managing personnel amidst several rounds of redundancy and through significant change regimes including acquisition, dealing with relocation and cultural shift, amongst many other insightful professional experiences. As a result of his extensive corporate track record, Christopher, with the support of his Harvey Sinclair associates now delivers and helps embed wellness and executive coaching systems into blue chip organisations and businesses.

Combining his life experience, personal mental health tribulations, diverse corporate and personal coaching experience, intuition plus extensive accreditations, qualifications and technical training, the Harvey Sinclair team have a unique and diverse range of tools at their disposal to offer a unique cutting edge wellbeing consultancy.

Based in Central London, Harvey Sinclair create bespoke coaching programmes around each and every one of their clients, taking into account the exact situation, inspiring change to achieve goals and the absolute best state of practice for the whole organization.