Craig Thorley

Research Fellow (Public Service Reform) at IPPR.

Craig is a Research Fellow (Public Service Reform), focusing on health and social care and education policy.
Craig has previously been a co-founder and programme design and development lead at Think Ahead, and a member of the Charity Works programme.

More Students Than Ever Are Reporting Mental Health Problems - To Thrive After Brexit, We Need A Healthy, Happy, Educated Workforce

Government and the NHS must also do more to protect and promote students' mental health. As a first step, a forthcoming government green paper should identify students' particular mental health needs and set out solutions. The May government has so far talked a good talk on mental health, but is not yet clear how this will translate to improved support for students. Brexit is bringing new urgency to questions about what kind of society we want to be. To thrive outside the EU, the UK will need an educated workforce - but also a workforce that is healthy, happy and resilient.
15/09/2017 15:56 BST

Is The Modern UK Labour Market Harming Millennials' Mental Health?

We know that fulfilling employment can minimise the risk of developing poorer mental health, and that negative experiences of work can have the opposite effect. But beyond this, how well do we understand the interactions between the way we work and our mental health?
27/07/2017 17:35 BST

Academies and the Mental Health Crisis in England's Schools

As the number of academies has grown, so too has the amount of variation in exactly what kind of services schools are required to provide to pupils. This will make it increasingly difficult for the government to respond to calls for things like better mental health provision in our schools.
18/01/2016 14:57 GMT

Dear Health Minister: We Need to Continue the Momentum on Mental Health

The challenges are many, and the obstacles are significant. But a focus on maximising funding, creating integrated and effective services and promoting wellbeing among young people will give the incoming Minister the greatest chance of building on the momentum of the last few years. Mental ill-health often serves to harden pre-existing inequalities, and can severely impact our ability to work, build social relationships and contribute to our communities. If the ambition is to truly create the Big Society, then mental ill-health cannot be ignored.
15/05/2015 11:44 BST