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Cyrus Moore

Analyst and Author ('City of Thieves', Sphere)

Cyrus Moore is the writing name for a leading City analyst. In 2002, after 14 years in the City, Cyrus left corporate banking to set up his own research house with the objective of providing truly independent investment research, untainted by the conflicts of interest that have so badly tarnished the reputations of rival research analysts within larger investment banks.

Cyrus is the author of, “City of Thieves” (published by Little, Brown Book Group), the bestselling City thriller novel. Whilst the story is fiction, the issues it raises – such as honour, integrity and ethics within the global banking sector – are very real. Cyrus is a Cambridge University graduate. He lives in London with his wife and two children.


Net Neutrality - Why It Is Destined to Collapse

Net neutrality rules are associated with the founding principles of internet regulation. They stipulate that telecom operators should not favour internet traffic from specific content providers... As a regulatory policy net neutrality is now unsustainable.
21/08/2014 16:00 BST

Amazon vs. Hachette and the Future of Book Publishing

Amazon's dispute with Hachette could have consequences none of us ever dreamed of. As a society, we must be careful we do not sleepwalk into a situation we later come to regret - a world where publishers are marginalised and authors simply self-publish on Amazon.
20/08/2014 17:07 BST

Capping Banker Bonuses Misses the Point

Brussels is wrong to cap bankers' bonuses, just as it was wrong to propose a financial transactions tax a few months ago. Its thinking, however, is along the right lines; having failed to manage their businesses responsibly, bankers need to be kept on a tight leash.
06/03/2013 13:22 GMT

UBS Trading Scandal - Right Verdict; Wrong Man

By August 2011, the bank's risk exposure had ratcheted up to almost $12bn - enough to bankrupt it - but its back office was still blissfully unaware of its full magnitude. How can a fraud on such a scale go undetected for three years?
23/11/2012 11:59 GMT

Honour Amongst Bankers

Appointing a trader to run Barclays, one of Britain's finest retail banking names, was a big mistake
12/07/2012 09:00 BST