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Today's Lesson Kids - The Great Workwear Revolution Of 2017!

So, whether you wear a suit, a uniform, safety gear or your pyjamas, whatever you wear for work our professional appearance goes to show that almost sixty years on, history has a funny way of repeating itself. Your dad may have worn boots that made him look like an extra in a First World War movie, thankfully we don't have to.
09/11/2017 14:03 GMT

Men Talk Health, Weak?

The concept of 'manning up' and 'not being a pussy' are so far ingrained in us that the mere idea of discussing that you know what, we might not be coping, is as alien as admitting we don't know the offside rule.
10/10/2017 07:59 BST

Top Five Things Dads Of Toddlers Actually Want For Father's Day

So if you want to surprise your old fella, with something that makes his little eyes light up like he has just discovered that the cure for male pattern baldness and midlife spread comes wrapped up in a Victoria Secret's Model catalogue, a flask of tea and a locked garden shed - then this is for you.
13/06/2017 11:03 BST

Before I Was Somebody's Father I Was Somebody's Son

The date is traditionally one where us dads are inundated with tacky socks, t-shirts and mugs proclaiming that we are 'The Greatest' one ever. While the rest of the year we are dismissively patronised as 'Babysitters' if we dare venture out with the kids by ourselves...
12/06/2017 11:16 BST

Why Saying 'Yes' Is A Good Thing

Three hours later I had fallen a little bit in love. Vera is 97 writes poetry, knits scarves for the homeless and loves meeting new people. Every day she goes out to different places to meet people and do things rather than taking the easy route and staying safely in front of the TV.
16/01/2017 12:22 GMT

Getting Hip To The (Dad) Game. UK Says No To 'Papa'.

To start 'claiming back' words just to mark yourself out as different, or fashionable strikes me as ridiculous. Being a dad isn't about being fashionable. Dapper yes, fashionable, no. Being a good dad has never been out of fashion.
07/12/2016 12:49 GMT

Some Say I'm A Geneva - But I'm Not The Only One

By taking a few days away I now clearly see what I want to do with my life. I can now see what makes me happy, curious, challenged, puts fire in my belly, what will pay the bills and feeds my family doesn't have to be a different thing. They can be one and the same.
05/12/2016 12:04 GMT

A Message To Brands Who Want To Make Dad 2.0 Their New BFF

Unfortunately, the marketing world has yet to catch up with the reality of modern parenting. In advertising, dad is still the hapless sap who simply can't get anything right. He burns any foodstuff that dares venture close to the oven, stares blankly at the mere mention of putting the washing on
15/11/2016 16:37 GMT

Rush Hour Commuting Takes On A Whole New Turn

Three hours a day, five days a week, twenty days a month. That's sixty hours being penned in, thinking you've had a right result if you managed to get a seat, even if it was beside a sweaty reprobate with the personal hygiene standards of a sumo-wrestler on a dirty protest in a Bikram Yoga session.
17/08/2016 10:30 BST

Looking Back Into the Future

<img alt="thriving families.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> I was so caught up in the system; I'd forgotten what was important. I was a preoccupied stranger in my family home during the week. My son only got to see me at weekends when I was shattered and yet so propelled with guilt that I should have more 'Quality Time'.
28/07/2016 17:08 BST

Ten Signs You Are Going Out Out, Dad Style

Make sure you book, not only the morning but the next night, the day after and the previous three weeks off. This is the amount of time you will need to be nice to your dog as you will be sharing its house for at least the next 48 hours.
04/07/2016 10:25 BST

The Top Five Father's Day Pressies - That You've Never Even Thought Of

I don't know your dad, but I am certain he has enough socks, aftershave and innovative artisan pickles in his life already. The fact is that dads don't really want any of these gifts on Father's Day because they are functioning adults with functioning credit cards, although with dwindling funds due to you being such a drain on their finances.
14/06/2016 16:32 BST