Danae Varangis

Founder and COO of DV Closet

Combining a love of style and fashion, with extensive behind-the-scenes experience in both shows and media, Danae Varangis is the founder and COO of DV Closet. Established in November 2015 as the result of Danae’s vision and a successful Kickstarter campaign, DV Closet is an app that brings fashion styling into the virtual space.
The app offers personalised styling and shopping advice, as well as news and opinions on fashion all delivered by its in-house network of stylists.
With a passion for styling and fashion going back to early childhood, Danae moved to the UK from Greece to attend University of the Arts London where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in media and cultural studies. This opened up a world of possibilities to the young entrepreneur as she worked for fashion house London Ethnic, The Synergy Events, and media giant Condé Nast International, ultimately organising four London Fashion Week Shows.
Taking her solid industry experience and combining it with a drive to deliver affordable, personalised styling in the digital world, Danae created DV Closet. She now leads a team of dedicated virtual stylists and personal shoppers who help users of the app create signature looks and bespoke styles based on their likes and budget.
And the future is equally bright as Danae readies DV Closet to launch its unique clothing range — eight versatile pieces to complement any style and any wardrobe.