Dawn Kofie

Edinburgh-based freelance writer and Grayson Perry fan

If Dawn Kofie ruled the world, hotel showers would come with instructions, Microsoft Word's help function would understand everyday English and the penalty for using management-speak would be community service.

A freelance writer, topics-wise Dawn gravitates towards: TV, books, film, stand up comedy and food. Her previews, reviews and features have been published in The Scotsman, The Sunday Herald, The Metro, The List, The List Eating and Drinking Guide and The Edinburgh Evening News.

When she's not pinpointing the right words you'll find her: binge-watching box sets, wondering whether Pilates actually works, re-reading Margaret Atwood's novels and laughing at her own jokes.

Dawn's a listoholic. She has a soft spot for pun-based shop names and is fascinated by King Henry VIII and his unfortunate wives.