Providing Our Future Leaders With Lifelong Skills In Maths And English

Implementing the Government's policy has certainly been challenging, yes. Improving the skills of our future leaders was unlikely to be easy, but MK College has risen to this challenge. I believe this new policy is key to transforming the lives of all of our students and it has certainly been a challenge worth tackling.
13/01/2017 13:26 GMT

A Quiet Budget for FE - With Further Change on the Horizon

After recent years during in which budget announcements have seen some fairly brutal cuts take their toll on Further Education, it was something of a relief for the sector to emerge from Mr Osborne's speech to Parliament last week relatively unscathed on this occasion.
23/03/2016 11:31 GMT

How Does FE Fit in With Government Skills Plans?

The government's plans for improving skills in Britain are ambitious and wide-ranging. The Chancellor's briefing document, "Fixing the foundations: Creating a more prosperous nation," explains in a little over eighty pages how this is to be done.
11/08/2015 15:35 BST

Promise to Do Nothing and Get Elected

In all the pre-election excitement/apathy/hype/horror (make your own selection and delete as appropriate) I have a novel idea for politicians of all parties everywhere. Promise, if elected, to do as little as possible. I'm convinced it's a winner.
21/04/2015 10:57 BST

A Budget for Helicopters, Church Roofs and Video Gamers but Not for Skills

The Chancellor had a good tale to tell about falling unemployment, falling welfare bills, growth in output and living standards. He talked repeatedly about how the government of which he is a member is "fixing the roof as the sun begins to shine." The problem is, if we're not able to train people to do the job, he may find himself having to fix his own roof.
19/03/2015 09:49 GMT