Dr Michael Sinclair

Consultant Counselling Psychologist, Self-Help Author, Clinical Director at City Psychology Group

Dr Michael Sinclair is a Consultant Practitioner Psychologist, a Chartered Scientist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. After a number of years working within the NHS, he is now the Clinical Director at City Psychology Group in London where he continues to provide the highest quality psychological therapy and coaching to people of all ages, couples, families and groups.

In his clinical practice, Michael is influenced by his interests in contextual behavioural science, mindfulness-based therapies, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Michael is the Consultant to a number of corporate occupational health departments in the City of London and delivers cutting edge mindfulness-based workshops to senior leadership teams, managers and other health professionals as well as large public audiences. He continues to be involved in the training and supervision of other psychologists and psychotherapists.

Michael is the author of self-help books as well as academic papers on his research and practice. He is regularly sought after in the media as an expert in his field. With his impressive academic background and down to earth nature Michael is a skilled clinician and trainer.
Wise Up With Mindfulness: Developing Minds for the Modern

Wise Up With Mindfulness: Developing Minds for the Modern World

A great paradox has arisen in our modern society - the more we invent faster and smarter ways of getting things done the more we are creating and caging ourselves in a frightening word of information overload, risking psychological exhaustion, burnout and a whole host of other psychological problems.
16/06/2014 17:18 BST
Too Busy for Mindfulness? Here's How to Try It

Too Busy for Mindfulness? Here's How to Try It On-the-Go

By practising mindfulness you can expect to feel happier and more alive and take more enjoyment from your day to day activities. You can feel less stressed as you rush about your busy life. Also you will notice how your relationships and performance at work improve. In fact you will start to function better in everything you do...
11/06/2014 16:43 BST