Monique Y. Wells

Founder and CEO of the Wells International Foundation, founder of the L³ Alliance, and creator of the Doing What Matters™ Business Life Balance program for women entrepreneurs

Dr. Monique Y. Wells is Founder and CEO of the Wells International Foundation (WIF), a U. S. non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women and persons of African descent to realize their highest potential through arts, literacy, study abroad, and other educational and cultural programs. To achieve this goal, we organize and support several multifaceted programs, with activities and projects that target the following Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs): • The Arts • Travel / Study Abroad • STEAM Education • Women’s Empowerment • Literacy • Preclinical Safety Training / Mentoring The underlying thread for these activities is EDUCATION. As frequently as possible, we implement programs that unite two or more SFAs to maximize impact, obtain rapid results, and achieve the greatest possible economic efficiency. Wells International Foundation: