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Dr Paul Elmer

Principal lecturer in public relations at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Dr Paul Elmer began his working life as a London-based journalist and editor before becoming a senior government PR officer, working in the UK and internationally. He subsequently became an academic, wrote a landmark study on public relations in the Blair-Brown era and was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship. Paul is the former head of the school of journalism and media at the University of Central Lancashire and is now a principal lecturer in public relations.

Can Wikitribune Really Prevent The Spread Of Fake News?

If Wikitribune can emulate some of this success, and harness the potential of the Wiki brand to sustain independence from proprietorial and government control, then more power to it. It has every chance of doing so, although that depends to some extent on the funding stream. 
26/04/2017 11:53 BST

Why We Should Be Wary Of The Panic Around Fake News

The current fuss plays straight into the hands of politicians who may claim to be targeting fake news, but act in ways that restrict legitimate free reporting, and deny its proper democratic function. That would leave us all the poorer. Even as a former journalist and government PR man, even as a fed up, but occasionally entertained reader, I'll put up with a bit of fake news. It's a free country, and I'd like it to stay that way.
08/03/2017 17:32 GMT