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Dr. Raian Ali

Building a more social technology

Dr. Raian Ali is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing and Informatics, the Faculty of Science and Technology, Bournemouth University, UK. His work aims to provide principles, models, engineering methods and tools that aid the design and production of a socially-aware and responsible technology and innovation.

Five FAQs About Digital Addiction

We got calls from the public, such as parents asking for advice about kids playing games for too long and being overly attached to their social media profiles. We started to plan a professional information helpline. As a first step, I thought of compiling a set of questions we often get about Digital Addiction and attempts to answer them.
12/12/2016 16:10 GMT

Passionate, Perfectionist Or Stingy? What Is Your Feedback Persona?

In a globalized, open and competitive market, it may be argued that online feedback becomes a necessity rather than an option. It is becoming harder and more expensive to predict who will be using a service or a product and their various preferences and contexts of use.
26/09/2016 10:08 BST

Digital Diets May Cause Damage

Despite the increasing popularity of such Digital Diet applications, and other software-based behavioural change solutions, there does not seem to be any clear scientific background or evidence in relation to their effectiveness and sustainability of effect.
01/08/2016 11:09 BST

Pokémon Go - Combatting the New Cyber-Physical Addiction

A Pokémon Go gamer may feel the urge to visit unknown and dangerous places aiming to catch Pokémon. Technically we can detect that easily, but would the game send a warning? Would the place put a warning? Would the party governing a place be able to communicate messages to players in its physical area?
25/07/2016 11:25 BST