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Dr Stefano Vaglio

Lecturer in Animal Behaviour, University of Wolverhampton and Honorary Research Fellow, Durham University

Dr Stefano Vaglio is part of the School of Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Science at the University of Wolverhampton as a Lecturer in Animal Behaviour, while he continues his research work in collaboration with Durham University as an Honorary Research Fellow.

He graduated in Biology at Pisa University and then gained his PhD in Anthropology from Florence University. After that, he worked as a Research Fellow and Part-time Lecturer at Florence University as well as a Part-time Research Scientist at Garda Zoological Park, before moving from Italy to Durham University as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology.

He is interested in Primate Behaviour and Conservation Biology. However, as the majority of his research work has focused on non-human primates housed at European zoological gardens, he has also developed an interest in Welfare Assessment and Management of Captive Primates.

His current EU-funded project PrimOlf integrates behavioural ecology, digital imaging, cytology, endocrinology and semiochemistry to address questions relating to reproductive strategies, sexual selection and signalling in olive baboons.

Don't Stay Away From Zoos - They Are a Vital Resource

In my opinion however, society would be a far worse off place without the existence of modern zoos. It is time to celebrate and promote the richness of these resources for the communities, environment and biodiversity - not turn people away from them.
08/06/2016 15:12 BST