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Ed Green

Writer, editor, speech radio devotee

Having stumbled out of the Rhubarb Triangle, I pursued a news content career in London. Things that get me going: social history, current affairs, football, popular culture and election fever. I’ve recently written a memoir on my twin sister Jenny’s life and death – take a look at

Shell Shocked: World War I And Mental Health

Which, this Armistice weekend, set me thinking of what 15-29 year olds were facing a hundred years ago. Of course, the War poetry of Wilfred Owen and others help bring across the full horror of the trenches. But what of the impact on the many who were less able to find a voice?
16/11/2017 13:19 GMT

Top Of The League

This makes me wonder how many clubs have, at some point in their long histories, savoured a brief time at the top of the league. A moment forgotten by just about everyone except the fans who'd been there.
26/10/2017 17:17 BST

An Exercise Book, A Pen, And Help - When I Needed It Most

Then one day, our dinner lady sat down next to me. Peering at the pages of scribble, she asked me why. Her voice was calm and friendly. With a flourish, she took a pen out of her uniform pocket. And a few pages on from the word 'look!', she wrote her name in clear letters - 'Mrs Holliday'.
11/07/2017 12:24 BST

The New Normal: How Social And Economic Attitudes Swapped Places

For me, a closeted teenager in the '80s, it was not a good time to know you were gay. Besides the hysteria whipped up by the AIDS scare and manifesto promises for cracking down on the 'promotion of homosexuality', the realisation that shocked me most was just how much people like me were hated by mainstream society.
20/02/2017 17:25 GMT

The Queen At 90: That Other 'Four Royal Generations' Photograph

The Queen's 90th birthday week has produced a mixture of deferential reporting and, as can be expected for someone approaching a century, an opportunity to think about the times that she's reigned through - our current Elizabethan Age, as the cliché goes.
22/04/2016 10:37 BST

Reflections on Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

First, I've a personal interest to declare. My twin sister Jenny, who died nearly 20 years ago when we were 27, had cerebral palsy. It's been part of the fabric of my life as the non-disabled twin. I certainly wouldn't need an awareness month to bring it to my attention.
28/03/2016 16:34 BST

The Carpenters and Me

This week marks a strange milestone. Born 2 March 1950, Karen Carpenter (who died aged 32) has now been dead longer than she'd lived. Strange too, my relationship with the Carpenters' music.
15/01/2016 14:15 GMT

Gadzooks Mistress Meaker, Rentaghost Hits 40

Forty years ago this week, hapless newbie ghost Fred Mumford teleported himself into a dustbin, marking the start of <em>Rentaghost</em>. First broadcast on Tuesday 6 January 1976, it became a staple of '70s/80s UK children's TV.
08/01/2016 16:21 GMT

Who Pays? Generation Rent's Time-Bomb

But the real problem is failure to recognise the long-term consequences for a working population that rents. What happens to today's Generation Rent when they hit retirement?
31/12/2015 17:01 GMT

Junior Choice: The Demise of Post-War Childhood's Soundtrack

Yuletide nostalgia from the BBC - Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart returns on Christmas Day with a special edition of <em>Junior Choice</em>. I remember this well - the only programme that would escape my parents' beeline for the off switch in the mid-70s, when shared frequencies meant accidental exposure to Radio 1.
21/12/2015 22:39 GMT

Lessons From the 27 Club

Ok, so I'm no musician. And clearly still alive. But I got as near to an insider view of this Club as you can get, because my twin sister Jenny died just days away from our 28th birthday.
27/11/2015 14:13 GMT