Elfa Wilmot

American in a strange land. Mother. Blogger.

I am an American expat who has lived in London for 13 years. I am married to a Brit, and raising two children who talk a bit funny.

I started a blog in 2013, a few months after becoming a SAHM, to keep myself from losing my mind. I write about being an expat, and I love making fun of Brits and Americans alike. I share my thoughts on raising children and try to depict a real version of motherhood. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly. Always me.

For more ramblings, check out my blog: http://californianmuminlondon.com/
Camping - The Fantasy vs The

Camping - The Fantasy vs The Reality

The summer holidays can be a time of exotic vacations for many lucky people. But for some it can be a time for a more modest and outdoorsy holiday. It can be a time when a family packs their car so full that the car can only drive at 50 miles per hour.
04/08/2015 00:04 BST
Mummy Speed

Mummy Speed Dating

It's a bit tedious going to playgroups and meeting mums at school and having to spend months figuring out who you want in your gang. Mummy Speed Dating would make life a lot easier. If you had four minutes with each mum, what would you look for? This is how I would suss out my mummy friend soul mate.
21/07/2015 09:16 BST
How To Handle Being The Favourite

How To Handle Being The Favourite Parent

My daughter made it clear, from a very young age, who her favourite parent was. I'll give you a hint: it wasn't Daddy. At the weekends, she would tell him to go away, to go to work. She only wanted Mummy.
09/07/2015 16:22 BST
Oh The British,

Oh The British, Heatwave

Growing up in Northern California, I was used to plenty of sunshine. But people are not so lucky in the UK. And when the weather gets hot, they go a little crazy. And by 'a bit crazy', I mean CRAY-ZEE. And Brits keep talking about the sun having its hat on, whatever that means.
01/07/2015 16:15 BST