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Ellie Roddy

Content editor and blogger

Ellie is a content editor by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. When she's not writing she loves travelling and going to festivals… which she usually ends up writing about afterwards! Visit her blog at

Jeremy Corbyn: Bursting the Social Media Bubble

Regardless of the outcome, I think this election has shown politicians the power of social media and the importance of using it to market themselves during a campaign. It is safe to say that no one will underestimate the importance of these platforms in political campaigns again.
21/06/2017 13:25 BST

Being A Woman In A World Full Of Trumps

While we have no say in who becomes President of the United States and we definitely can't do anything to change it, we do have a choice in how we treat others. Neither gender nor race, sexuality or anything else for that matter should determine how we treat one another. Our differences should unite not divide us and to end as I began, with the words of Hillary Clinton, "love trumps hate."
15/11/2016 11:42 GMT

"Dangerous" Dogs: Vicious Killers or Innocent Victims?

I own a staffie, so I'm well-versed with people crossing the road to avoid us or turning their noses up at our family pet. Yet, no one has ever actually said anything like that before - or at least not to our faces.
25/08/2016 13:20 BST