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Emily Marchant

Education and technology writer. Digital skills advocate.

Emily Marchant is an experienced digital marketing and communications professional with a background in education. She currently works at Selesti, an award-winning search marketing and web design agency, where she crafts fresh, engaging, editorial content for local, national and global clients. Previously Emily worked for a leading independent school who take pride in empowering the next generation of women to succeed in any industry. She has a particular interest in encouraging participation in digital and STEM learning. In 2015 Emily graduated with a degree in Journalism from Kingston University, where she was appointed sub-editor of the award-winning River Newspaper.
How Are Food Brands Adapting To The Post-Clean Eating

How Are Food Brands Adapting To The Post-Clean Eating World?

I hoped it would help ease the tummy complaints I have suffered for years, and give me the super slender frame of the gormless bloggers incessantly giggling at me through my iPhone screen. Unfortunately, no such luck. I decided to have a look into where I was going wrong and how food brands were adapting to our clean eating world.
10/10/2017 11:42 BST