Emma Page

Music lover, singer and blogger

My name is Emma, I'm 30 something and I'm a self confessed music lover.
I'm passionate about music, writing, singing and cooking! Used to sing in various bands. Tried hard to make it in the music world and although I didn't quite make it, I had lots of fun along the way and lived the dream on the stage for a while.

The kind of music that I like to write about is mainly Rock, Soul, Folk, Blues and even some Country and Metal.

I have a family of my own and although I'm a devoted mother I'm still a Rock Chick at heart!

Hope you enjoy my blogs!
How Marc Bolan Changed My

How Marc Bolan Changed My Life

I've been to see the musical 20th Century Boy: The Marc Bolan Story three times now and each time I find myself totally blown away. I've been to Barnes to lay flowers down at the site where he passed on some 36 years since his life was so tragically cut short whilst still in his prime.
20/02/2014 15:46 GMT