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Fila Magnus

Director of Communications, International Youth Alliance for Family Planning

Fila Magnus is the Director of Communications at the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP). She is a writer, photographer, activist and an advocate for issues pertaining to women, children, and refugees. Driven by the desire to make a difference and improve lives, she has dedicated 7 of her 21 years of life to the causes that are closest to her heart. She has travelled across 30 different countries in the world, and would live to travel if she could! Follow her travels here: For more on IYAFP:

Women: Crushed When Caged, Beautiful When Free

Today, marks the 103rd year we've celebrated International Woman's Day. Though much has changed since then, we're still millions of miles away from reaching where we need to be.
08/03/2016 17:56 GMT

Forced Goodbye

Being a family that barely ever celebrates birthdays, you've been known to give the worst of gifts - from mugs to absolutely nothing, but this time, daddy, just 8 days before, you forced me to bury you into the ground, and say goodbye - for forever.
07/10/2015 09:49 BST

I Am Not Charlie Hebdo

With all the never ending rants of how Islam doesn't allow free speech, and the West simply being built upon it, things have gotten ugly - fast. With absolute hatred bubbling, the state of things have become immensely worrying.
09/01/2015 11:38 GMT

Why I As a Muslim, Will Not Apologize For Foley's Death

This group who claims to be speaking for all Muslims, truly isn't. They don't speak for me. And I have given them no right to represent me, I have given no approval, in the actions of what they're doing. None of what they do, is complacent to the rules of Islam, none of what they do, signifies Islam in any way. In short - THEY. ARE. <strong>NOT.</strong> MUSLIMS.
22/08/2014 16:32 BST