Fiona Lambert

Brand director for George & GM Soft lines ASDA

Fiona returned to George in June 2007, having previously worked alongside founder George Davies to set up and launch George as the first fashion supermarket brand in 1990.  During her time away she became the Women’s Product Director at Next, before returning to George as Brand Director.

Fiona and her team oversees the design, buying and quality development of the 240million garments George sells in the UK each year as well as growing the online business. In 2012, Fiona's role was extended to take on responsibility for home essentials and furnishings at Asda to offer her expertise in design, innovation and merchandising.
She thrives on championing the brand and believes in the potential to expand and grow George by providing more choice for customers, bringing innovation to customers and enhancing the online shopping experience.

From a young age Fiona knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry.  She studied fashion at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic before starting her career at Next as a Designer.  Her career in fashion has more than lived up to all of her original expectations.  As Brand Director of George, she is highly involved in the creativity, and helps to enhance the buzz and the energy that goes into designing and producing the great ranges for her customers.

Since returning to George, Fiona has been instrumental in taking the brand forward to new directions  Fiona is responsible for bringing pioneering fashion firsts to supermarket fashion and making George famous for product innovation.  Most notable launches include the body-sculpting tummy tamer dress, the mid-size jeans and the moobtube – the latter of which sold out online just 2 hours after going on sale.  The item also came top in a survey carried out by consumer watchdog.

Fiona’s vision and passion for nurturing the next generation of British fashion talent led to George becoming title sponsors of Graduate Fashion Week for the third year running this year. Fiona has been a mentor to aspiring students for many years and is part of the coveted Gold Award judging panel. Fiona has also led George to take one step further towards supporting the next generation of fashion talent.  This year the George brand launched its brand new fashion label G21 Talent. A fashion-first for the UK high street, G21 Talent comprises of a series of limited edition, catwalk inspired collections designed by hand picked graduates who showcase their work at GFW

Fiona is married with two children and in her spare time enjoys keeping fit, painting, entertaining, and cooking for friends