Fisayo Fadahunsi

Storyteller at Filmanthropy

Fisayo Fadahunsi is a Multimedia Journalist, working across TV, radio, print and online media.

She could most recently be seen as a reporter on Community Channel's London360, a show which uncovers hidden communities, charities and London-based stories.

She has always said that if she could have one superpower, it would be to be a polyglot. Discovering pretty soon that that wasn't her forte (or rather being told so by her GCSE French teacher!), she began to think of other ways that she could communicate with a wide and diverse spectrum of individuals. Thus, her interest in journalism was born. A medium that she has found provides the opportunity not only to record the world, but also to comment on and through debate, influence it.

Her passion for recording the human condition and researching community stories has already taken her to a number of places; ranging from the busy national and local news desks of The Guardian and BBC, to the rural communities of Cornwall as part of a student-led publishing house, to the plains of East Africa living amongst the Maasai.

Her interests are varied and multiple, ranging from identity politics to entertainment news, although all with a human focus.