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Frederika Roberts

Speaker, Author, Laughter Yoga Leader

Based on her experience as the mother of two daughters with severe heart conditions, Frederika Roberts left a successful recruitment career to become a happiness and resilience speaker, author and Laughter Yoga Leader. She is also co-founder of the 'RWS | Resilience Wellbeing Success' programme ( As an expert in her field, she has been interviewed on BBC Breakfast, ITV Calendar News, BBC and other radio stations all over the UK, and featured and quoted in various publications. Frederika is the author of the book ‘Recipe for Happiness: 9 essential ingredients for a happy life’ and co-author of 'Character Toolkit for Teachers: 100+ Classroom and whole school character education activities for 5-11 year olds', due to be published by JKP in May 2018. She is studying towards an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University. Frederika writes about Happiness, Resilience, Positive Education, Character Education, and Positive Psychology, as well as other areas of interest, particularly Brexit.

Article 50: Why We 'Remoaners' Won't Go Quietly

29th March 2017 is a dark day and I believe those that brought it about will not be remembered kindly by history, regardless what happens next. For as long as we are still in the EU, millions of us will continue to voice our opinion and to fight for the UK to remain in the EU. And if we do leave, we will campaign to re-join.
29/03/2017 09:23 BST

International Day Of Happiness: It's About More Than Smiley Faces

If it seems daunting to tackle everything at once, just start off small. Choose something from the list above and start working on your happiness, then build from there. You will have a richer, more fulfilled life as a result, you will feel happier, and you will contribute to making the world a better place. Isn't that something worth striving for on International Day of Happiness, and every day?
20/03/2017 13:49 GMT

How And Why To Practise Gratitude

Whichever way you practise gratitude, make it part of your daily life and you are likely to reap wonderful benefits. Good mental health, like physical health, requires a little bit of work, but it doesn't have to be a chore. These activities are not only good for you, they feel good, too!
07/02/2017 15:05 GMT

Four Keys To Resilience

So what makes us so resilient? How do we keep bouncing back? Well, the great news is that the things we have been doing as a family are really simple and easy to replicate. You can do them, too, and I promise you, they will make it easier to bear the challenges life throws at you.
06/09/2016 12:48 BST

Eight Ways to Guarantee You'll Be Miserable

Are you fed up with being surrounded by happy, smiley people? Do you want to bring more misery, stress, anxiety and depression into your life and the lives of your loved ones? Then here is your handy guide.
09/06/2016 11:41 BST

What Is the Purpose of Education?

What do you think the purpose of education is? If you agree things need to change, what will you do about it? Whether you're a headteacher or a class teacher, at any stage of education, whether you're a parent, or a pupil, you have the power to make a difference in the small daily deliberate actions you take.
06/10/2015 10:27 BST

Chinese School? No Thanks!

Learning by rote does not foster innovative thinking, questioning the status quo, changing the world. It teaches children to be excellent at passing exams that were designed to test their ability to regurgitate facts. This is not knowledge, or intelligence, or analytical thinking.
10/08/2015 10:21 BST