Helen Dent

Chief Executive, Family Action

Family Action has been a leading provider of services for disadvantaged and vulnerable families since 1869, providing practical, emotional and financial support for some of the neediest families. We deal with some of the most complex issues facing families today including mental health issues, domestic violence, learning difficulties, severe financial hardship, isolation and social exclusion and drug and alcohol abuse.

Extended Biography: David Holmes, Chief Executive, Family Action
David Holmes is the Chief Executive of Family Action, an organisation which provides:
Home and project based support for families with complex needs.
Community based services for people with enduring mental health problems.
Financial help for individuals and families who have fallen through the safety net of the welfare state.

These services are provided across England.

Family Action also has an active campaigning programme and gives particular priority to child poverty.

In the past 10 years, Family Action has taken over the services of Newpin, Family Service Units and several one-off services.