Humza Yousaf

Member of Scottish Parliament

Humza Yousaf, aged 26, is a Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow, representing the SNP (Scottish National Party). The SNP is Scotland’s largest Party in the Scottish Parliament with a clear majority and therefore makes up the Scottish Government. They are a left-of-centre socially democratic party who fight for Scottish independence.

Humza has been an active member of the Scottish National Party since 2004. After graduating from Glasgow University, with honours in Politics, in 2007 Humza worked as a Parliamentary Aide to Scotland’s first Asian MSP the late Bashir Ahmad.

In addition he has worked with various other members of the Scottish Parliament including Anne McLaughlin MSP, Nicola Sturgeon MSP and First Minister Alex Salmond MSP.

Although his political interests are varied, Humza has publicly commented on the Middle East conflict, Scottish Independence, multiculturalism, civil liberties, poverty and counter terror measures in the UK.

Humza has been active in Glasgow in a range of community activities from a young age. He has been a volunteer for the International development NGO Islamic Relief since the age of 10. In the last two years he has voluntarily worked as the media spokesman for Islamic Relief Scotland, helping to manage campaigns during the Kashmir earthquake, the Swat Valley conflict, Haiti earthquake and recent Pakistan flooding.

In addition, Humza in involved in various inter-faith initiatives and was one of the organisers of the historic Scotland United Against Terror rally after the Glasgow Airport attacks in 2007.

Humza has also been involved in a range of other activities such as volunteering in a Glasgow based community radio station over the last 12 years, youth mentoring and producing and distributing food packs for asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow.

Outside of politics Humza is a keen football player and has supported Celtic Football Club his whole life, attended games when he can. In addition, Humza has an interest in motorbikes, owning one himself, and enjoys going for long rides with fellow bikers across the UK.